Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sushi with my sister/best friend!

So after school, I went for sushi with my "sister" (we're not really related but we're too similar in so many ways!) at one of my favourite sushi restaurants in town, Monster sushi. It is located in Langham Place, a huge mall in Mongkok, one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong, (I have mentioned this before in my blog, "Crowded corner") .
On the twelth floor of this gigantic mall, is Monster Sushi. 
Normally it is absolutely packed with people especially at dinner time and at lunch time during weekends. However, I went at about 4:00 so the restaurant was almost empty and we got to sit at an amazing table right on the edge of this glass pane over looking mong kok. 

Just imagine! how this would look like at night! with all the neon signs, lights and people! 
The ambiance was also really nice, with the weird bulbous lamps all clustered together. However I must say that the music did not really fit as it was mainly like pop music! 

Sushi is my absolute favourite food in the world! I love dimsum, I love Italian food, French food, anything, don't get me wrong, but sushi is just my favourite of all! The first we had was Inari with Mango and Salmon, which although may sound like a weird combination is actually pretty amazing. The other is a seared salmon (which is seared with this blowtorch thing, i saw them do it I was like WOAHHHHHH!) with mayonnaise (i personally like to call this salmon jizz sushi :P  ) 
Next we had eel and avocado rolls (much better than the original eel), and a toro and salmon gunkan, another one of my personal favourites that I order all the time. 
Spicy Soft-shelled crab sushi (it actually wasn't that spicy) and the godzilla roll, a specialty of the restaurant. I had never tried this before, and when it came, we weren't really sure what was in it exactly. However I know that there is a bit of crab and maybe fish? and some cheese, and it is kind of hot as there is some crispy thing on once side so the cheese is warm and kinda melty. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. just like WOW. 
So so so yummy. I really recommend it! 
We also ordered grape sodas, which had these little jelly cubes at the bottom as well, since my friend doesn't like tea, and they offer free green tea with unlimited refill here. It was also cheaper to get two. We also ordered Inari sushi and shrimp tempura sushi.

In total we spent about $250, so it is slightly more expensive than your standard "Genki sushi" but for example the standard salmon sushi is $14 for 2 and the salmon is very big compared to the rice, so I would say it is reasonable. 

Also everytime you go they give you this coupon for $100 off the next time you go, however it is only valid if you eat after 9:30pm.
Langham Place!

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