Monday, 21 July 2014

Kos & Bodrum

Yes I know, I've disappeared again.

But if it makes it any better, I have managed to cram in quite a bit of travelling into this summer. So as it finally draws to an end, and also marks the beginning of my year abroad I just wanted to give a quick sum up of my summer!

1. Kos, Greece

Where I started my summer adventures! We tried our best to avoid the tacky nightlife (we did try it one night and it was awful), and just spent days getting our tans on at the beach clubs in Kos town or aboard boat tours around nearby islands - while sipping blue cocktails of course! 

There was also a very very interesting experience when we drove around the island in a buggy...

Oh yeah, did I mention that the buggy had no horn, reverse or speedometer? But hey, i'd definitely recommend it if you don't mind accidentally ending up in someone's front yard and having them run out of the house to help you turn the buggy back around. You will be guaranteed a plethora of hilarious stories to tell your friends!