Monday, 21 July 2014

Kos & Bodrum

Yes I know, I've disappeared again.

But if it makes it any better, I have managed to cram in quite a bit of travelling into this summer. So as it finally draws to an end, and also marks the beginning of my year abroad I just wanted to give a quick sum up of my summer!

1. Kos, Greece

Where I started my summer adventures! We tried our best to avoid the tacky nightlife (we did try it one night and it was awful), and just spent days getting our tans on at the beach clubs in Kos town or aboard boat tours around nearby islands - while sipping blue cocktails of course! 

There was also a very very interesting experience when we drove around the island in a buggy...

Oh yeah, did I mention that the buggy had no horn, reverse or speedometer? But hey, i'd definitely recommend it if you don't mind accidentally ending up in someone's front yard and having them run out of the house to help you turn the buggy back around. You will be guaranteed a plethora of hilarious stories to tell your friends!

Oh, and LOTS of seafood. Like every day. Every MEAL
And all sorts of seafood : octopus, squid, shrimp, crab, fish.. you name it!
I highly recommend Nick the Fisherman or Barbouni which are right opposite one another in Kos Town (but everyone is going to recommend you them as well)

Zia too is absolutely beautiful. I've been told that sunset is the best time.We couldn't make it for then due to our buggy return time.

Don't forget to swing by the Asclepion if you have time to check out the ruins and the beautiful panoramic views and to get your culture on!

2. Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum can be quickly reached via ferry from Kos Town, which takes approximately 40 minutes.   

Bodrum had this amazing labyrinth of a market which sold lots of jewelry as well as fake designer handbags and other goods. The fakes looked pretty legit, though I am no expert and do not really see the point in buying fakes. But the jewelry was MINDBLOWINGLY AMAZING. I could have blown all of my money there. They had quite a lot of costume jewelry too as well as silver jewelry. There was this beautiful ring that has left a lasting impression on me (as i really wanted to get it, but it was a little out of my budget) : It was gold and the whole ring was made up of two mermaids which joined at the tail and wound around your finger, holding an open shell with a pearl inside. Thinking back, I really regret not getting it. 

There were some delicious seafood restaurants by the beach as well. We don't eat meat though so I can't tell you how the kebabs were or whatever, but I've heard good things anyway? (It's of doner and shish kebabs.. what did you expect)

However the mezze platters were top-notch (As was to be expected!)

Oh yeah, and the BEST ICE CREAM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Like no seriously, i'm Italian, from land of gelato, and I can tell you hands down this is where it's at. Turkish ice cream, so sticky and yummy. Gelato go home! (Great, now i'm going to get arrested for treason.)

3. Bitez, Turkey

So Bitez is another town further along the coast, which can be reached via minibus from the Bus terminal in Bodrum for a few lira.

At Bitez, expect to see a long long beach strip, filled beach clubs, hammocks, shisha lounges, restaurants...and people begging you to check out their place. Oh and if you tell them you'll be back later and you don't go back, they'll remember you... (and they'll find you and kill you.)

If lounging around on bean bags, drinking sangria and watching your friends smash their faces into the trampoline in the middle of the sea sounds like your kinda thing, I'd definitely recommend Sarnıç Beach Club. Right next to it you can also rent kayaks, windsurfs and do other water activities such as hijack their safety boat.(Just lie and tell them you have a license if they ask!)

Imagine stumbling out of a club in Gumbet after pole-dancing with some weird Turkish guys to Kiss Kiss, you're about to hop in a cab back to your hotel... but no drunken night is ever complete without some form of snack..

This is where Midye Dolma come in, which is often sold by street vendors by beaches, clubs or bus terminals. It is literally the best thing that could ever happen to you, as for 1 or 2 lira you can buy these delicious rice stuffed mussels. Seriously, I can't think of anything better to eat while you're chilling on the beach, or wasted after a crazy Turkish night out!

xx Vagabond Girl

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