Saturday, 20 April 2013

Paris : Brunch at Angelina's

Angelina is a beautiful cafe/restaurant  on Rue de Rrivoli right opposite the Jardin de Tuleries, often featured on TV and magazines with a shop selling tea time goods and a patisserie filled with with goodies.

We decided to go for the brunch set which consisted of :
Tea, coffee or their renowned hot chocolate.

I highly recommend the hot chocolate as it is what Angelina is famous. It is like no other hot chocolate I've ever drunken. It's dense, creamy and oh so chocolatey without being so sweet it gives you diabetes.
Orange, grapefruit or lemon juice. 

My mum decided to be gutsy and go for the lemon juice, and lemme tell you this, its definitely not for the faint hearted. It is literally just a squeezed lemon....

Bread and jam/honey

A selection of pastries : raisin pastry, pain au chocolat and a croissant.

Eggs, and you could choose between scrambled, boiled, fried or omelette. I got the omelette. For 3€ extra you can add ham and cheese and that's what I did (but only cheese since I don't eat meat).
An entree : Foie gras pâté with toast and fig chutney or Norwegian smoked salmon with creme fraiche and blinis (which is what I got)
Fruit salad  (which I forgot to take a picture of...but it is just some chopped fruits in a is a photo of me and my mum.)

2 macarons (which are rather mediocre as they didn't melt in your mouth Pierre Herme style...)
All for 39€! Definitely cheaper than individually ordering different things (just the hot chocolate is 7.50€, or the omelette is usually like 15€!)

We also got tried the truffle ravioli (24€) as it sounded so tempting and good but I was a little disappointed as the fillings of the ravioli were very cheesy but not very truffley :(

Overall it was a lovely Sunday brunch experience, and I think that the brunch set is really worth it as me and my mum actually shared it (as well as the ravioli) and by the end we were absolutely stuffed! There is also a very lovely ambiance and decor (so very French!) but it tends to be rather touristy (but if you're a tourist too, why the hell not!)

xx Vagabond Girl

Sunday, 7 April 2013

And then life happened?

Hi everyone. It has been a little too long. I guess life just happened like it always does, and all I have now is a bunch of incomplete blogposts saved as drafts...

But I have been truly insanely busy so far. I started university in London (very exciting times, and guess what potentially a lot to blog about!). The beauty about living in London is that it is so easy to go anywhere I want. Without the fuss of parents, and with the benefits of cheap tickets and being so close to so many exciting places in Europe, I could hop on a plane for a weekend trip to anywhere I want anytime! Oh, and being an adult helps too.

Tourist life in Amsterdam...
Sneaky trip to Brighton!

And to Edinburgh in hopes of molesting a Scotland High Cow...
Oh and lets not forget my little trip to Oxford where all i did was buy Roti and go to a club.

So stay tuned as I promise there will be more to come! I'm in Hong Kong now for Easter break, but I'm going to Paris at the end of this week for some shopping and food just to then return to London for a few weeks of exams but then to be greeted by a month of doing NOTHING in London (again another great opportunity to explore London's full glory) and then I'll be going to Russia for a month!

Told you it was going to be exciting! Then this summer it's probably going to be Hong Kong again, New York, and if i'm lucky I might get to follow my mum on her travels somewhere exotic and new.

Meanwhile I should try and finish those blog posts so there is something to read about!