Sunday, 17 June 2012

The best waffles (格仔餅) in Mong Kok, or even Hong Kong?

So today I want to talk about my favourite Hong Kong style waffle aka 格仔餅 shop. I have surveyed pretty much all the shops in the Prince Edward/Mong Kok region, only to run flying back to this one. For those who do not know what Hong Kong style waffles or 格仔餅 are I shall explain!格仔餅 literally means "grid cakes" or "grid biscuits" and are usually made by street hawkers and eaten warm on the street. Hong Kongers live a very fast paced lifestyle, and people don't always have time to sit down and eat. So it is very common to see people eating while walking, shopping, and chatting with friends. This is also another reason why I always gain weight when i'm in Hong Kong (due to the highly captivating aromas that surround me, not to mention the sight of everyone munching away) . The waffles (which are different to eggettes, the waffles that look like a collection off balls stuck together) look like traditional waffles but they come in circles with the grid parts divided into four quarters. The waffles are then  spread with butter, peanut butter and then sprinkled with sugar, and then folded in half and served hot. They are a delicious treat especially in winter. These waffles are more floppy than Belgian waffles, and more bouncy/springyin texture. They usually range in $7-$20.
So the shop that I will be reviewing today, lies on Mong Kok Road, on the block in between Fa Yuen Street (fashion heaven! Blogpost soon!) and Tung Choi Street (also known as goldfish street due to the fact that it is full of goldfish shops (duh!) and pet shops full of cute puppies and kittens!). It is directly opposite the road from Fa Yuen Street Market and is exactly where the crossing is. 

Apart from making the best waffles in the area, they also make fresh smoothies and juices. My favourite here is the coconut sago drink which is only $8 and is a perfect way to cool down during a hot day while shopping at Fa Yuen Street.

Service is quite slow and it usually takes a while to wait for your food as there is usually only one lady making the waffles, although the shop is quite big and also has another side selling siu mai, fishballs and other various typical savoury street food.

The price is very good! It is one of the cheapest in the area, with the average waffle price being $10+. I have yet to try the other more exotic flavours, as I prefer the original. I have this thing where once I find something that I like I always choose the same thing over and over again! 

One time, I tried the eggettes (in chocolate and original flavour mixed together). Sadly they were extremely disappointing and lacked that eggy taste that they were supposed to have. It feels as if the mixture was watered down too much, so I would go for the waffles here. They make the best eggettes in  Tsim Sha Tsui on Nathan Road. 

Voila! Le waffle! The waffle itself is crispy on the outside yet soft and moist in the inside (which I think is the best). Although, I think that the waffle lacks eggyness, the lady always generously drowns the waffle in butter and peanut butter without putting too much sugar (just the way I love it!)

And for some reason, everytime I eat a waffle here, I always manage to get peanut butter on my clothes. I guess this is just proof that they put enough sauce!

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