Friday, 1 June 2012

Summer Begins! A new chapter begins!

Hey guys! Look who's back! Yes, I have been absolutely dreadful at keeping up with this blog. I know. But now, I am determined to do a better job. So welcome to my travel and food blog with hints of fashion-y things! :) I finally completed the IB diploma and graduated from highschool and so this summer, I have all the time in the world to blog to my heart's content!

I've decided to orient my blog to food, travel and obviously shopping. Since I have so much time now, I eat out and relax much more, and so why not share it with everyone? I will also be heading off to the UK in September for university. I don't know which university I will be going to yet, but if my exam results turn out to be what they were predicted to be, then I should be going off to UCL in London to study Russian! That sure will spice up the blog!

Stay tuned to hear more about this vagabond's tale!

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