Sunday, 15 September 2013

LFW Day 2 : Lug von Siga, Zeynep Tosun,Liz Black, Alessia Prekop and Sheme launch

Wow. Guess they were right about fashion week being tiring! My feet are destroyed from my shoes and my arms are destroyed by my hand bag but man, was it worth it!

Jacket : Vintage
Jumper : Boutique in Italy
Skirt : ASOS
Bag : Vintage Fratelli Rossetti
Shoes: Boutique in Hong Kong

So yesterday I got to see 4 shows at the Freemason's centre for the Fashion Scout showcase. The first show I saw was Lug Von Siga.

Lug Von Siga

Designed by the Turkish designer Gul Agis, this collection was inspired by the political issues in Turkey and the influence of tribal attitudes in expressing anger within. 

I absolutely loved the hair at this show which gave it a very tribal yet almost futuristic feel which perfectly matched the garments which featured tribal prints juxtaposed with laser-cut embroidery and futuristic metal beading.

The texture on the dresses were absolutely gorgeous. 

I loved the use of fringing on these white textured pieces. 

Zeynep Tosun

Again, another Turkish designer, Zeynep Tosun's collection featuring very blunt colours such as greys, whites, nudes, dark blues, silver and just a dash of light pink.


Very interesting shapes and cut out. love this!

Loved that sheer silvery patterned fabric down the middle. It looks so majestic and regal with the dark blue.

Wasn't too big a fan on the tinsel sandals. Sorry. 

The flow and drape of the gowns towards the end were superb. Absolutely beautiful!

That train!!! gah!

And look we even spotted Pandemonia after the show! 

Liz Black

Next thing we knew, we were leaving the Zeynep Tosun show and we found ourselves at the Liz Black Exhibition sipping campari tonic.

The pieces featured abstract print mesh paired up with bold blues and yellows as well as black and whites. Some pieces even featured three dimensional lines going across the front.

Alessia Prekop

Alessia Prekop's show consisted of very structured, architectural pieces with clean lines, geometry and symmetry. 

The colour palette beautifully incorporated the confident  black and cream colours with girly pastel pinks and lilac - something that i'll definitely try as I don't know why I always thought black and pastel pinks and purple wouldn't work, but they do!

I absolutely loved the stark contrast in the clothes and the make up with the bold blue or orange eyebrows which gave the collection more of a futuristic edge to it.

The shape of some of the garments were absolutely breathtaking!


xx Vagabond Girl

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