Wednesday, 25 September 2013

LFW Day 4 : Burberry and Ji Cheng


The day I was waiting for and dreaming about for a month finally came! 

We took a taxi to Kensington Gardens, and were dropped off right in front of the Royal Albert Hall. What happened afterwards was an absolutely SURREAL experience. The second we stepped out of the cab and waited to cross the road to get into the cordoned off path into the massive glass house set up in the middle of Kensington Gardens, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was taking photos of us. Random passerbys on iphones, people with digital cameras, DSLRs, and once we entered the cordoned off path, all we could hear was the incessant clicking of the cameras which lined up on the sides of the path, and all I could think about is DO NOT FALL (as my friend Claire was walking SO quickly and falling in my 6.5 inch heels in front of all the press would've been SO bad.). I can safely say now that I made it to the show without falling, I did almost trip a few times, but managed to steady myself!

The collection made me long for Spring to come already, especially with the horrible cold weather that I've been experiencing all week. The whole show was not just about the clothes, no, it was a performance, the music, the petals, the clothes, everything was just a burst of spring in the midst of the freezing autumn. 

The beautiful, vibrant, pastel colours just made me wish winter would past already and that it would be Spring already! Of course there was the classic burberry trench coat, but spiced up in beautiful pastel colours, pencil skirts with front splits, and I absolutely adored the bedazzled pieces. It was all so glamourous and sophisticated, with the crochet-like lace dresses and the dainty sheer shirts.

I was just looking out the roof of the glass house, watching the first leaves of autumn get swept off their branches by the strong wind, when I started seeing something fall from the ceiling and started wondering how the hell the leaves from the trees managed to fly into the glass house. Yeah, that's when I realised that rose petals were actually falling from the sky. What an amazing show, I was absolutely in awe and had to pinch myself a few times to check that I wasn't dreaming.

Leaving the show was almost like entering the show, but this time we even got stopped by several people asking who/what we were wearing and taking photos. Such an amazing experience!

The outfit(s)

I absolutely adore this top that I found in a boutique on Fa Yuen Street in Hong Kong, known for it's cheap, often poorly made but extremely trendy clothes. There is this store (Review to come soon!) which has the weirdest things, and really distinguishes itself from all the other stores on that street, who tend to sell the same things which can be found all over Mong Kok. This store claimed that this shirt was from Korea (but thats what they always say). I saw it on the mannequin and absolutely fell in love. The floral detailing on the front are actually 3-dimensional and stick out (and this is done with little strings of beads in order to make it stand up above the shirt). Cheap but chic! 

Vintage Coat, Top from Hong Kong, Mum's stripey trousers (vintage), Shoes from ASOS, Vintage Chanel bag

And here is my impeccably dressed friend, Claire's outfit! Although you can't see it in this photo she actually has frilly, lacey socks folded over the thin orange straps of her pumps which looked amazing and received a lot of praise. And that necklace?! My god, it's such an amazing necklace. 

Vintage velvet Jacket, tibi dress, Louis Vuitton bag, Vintage necklace stolen from her mum, Frilly socks from Topshop and Orange pumps from Zara.

Ji Cheng

Back at Fashion scout that afternoon, the Ji Cheng show started off with a beautiful film inspired by 'Peony Pavillion' - a tale of love and passion which was later reflected in the show. The designer paired up with the luxury shoe brand Sheme this season (which was the launch party I had attended two days ago).

Being half Chinese, I absolutely adore asian inspired designs as I just find them so exotic yet elegant and just so beautiful, and this collection made me feel no different. 

The beautiful jewelled colours, paired off with the neutral colours. The interesting shapes created using sheer and opaque fabrics (I LOVE the top above), everything was just so elegant yet so modern.

The wrapped almost kimono like tops tied with those beautiful knotted ropes makes for such a casual outfit while looking so graceful and stylish.

Again another spectacular finale, with a live singer at the end, really gave this show an extra oomf at the end making it a beautiful performance of film, music and fashion. 

The pleating techniques and the peony motif just gave the collection such a romantic feel, it was just beautiful.  

Pandemonia was there again, in another fabulous outfit! 

xx Vagabond Girl

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